Proof GmbH: 3x Fogra certification for contract proofs according to Fogra 39 and Fogra 51 / 52

Since the end of September 2015 Proof GmbH has been certified according to Fogra 39 - ISOCoatedV2, Fogra 51 - PSOcoatedV3 and Fogra 52 - PSOuncoatedV3 for the production of contract proofs.

Proof GmbH is the world's first company certified for the new printing conditions Fogra 51 and Fogra 52.

  • We have produced the certification proofs for the Fogra on Epson Stylus Pro 7900, Epson Stylus Pro 9900 and Epson SureColor P9000 proof printers. With this certification, we have again certified our quality by Fogra.
  • The certification proofs were created on all three systems with Spectroproofer meters.
  • The certification proofs were made on three proof papers: the EFI Gravure Proof paper 4245 for Fogra 39, the EFI 8245OBA paper for Fogra 51 and the EFI 8175OBA for Fogra 52
  • We are thus certified for the three most important printing standards, both on brightener-containing papers as well as on brightener-free 4245 paper.
The production of color-correct proofs has become one of the most important factors in the quality control of printed products. The Fogra media wedge in the prepress and printing work has become a reliable and independent control tool for verifying the color accuracy of digital print documents.

The following aspects have been verified during the Fogra certification:

  • The color accuracy based on the Ugra / Fogra media wedge CMYK V3
  • The color accuracy on the basis of the test panel ISO 12642-2, the color range and the gray balance
  • The tonal value transmission and presentation of gradients
  • The register integrity and resolution of the proofs
  • The colorimetric tonal value transfer
  • The homogeneity
  • The correctness of the status information in the job ticket

The Fogra determines the successful certification, which you can check on the pages of Fogra by entering the certificate number 32473. The detailed test reports can be downloaded here:  

Zertifikatsnummer 32473

Zertifikatsnummer 31556

Zertifikatsnummer 30710

Zertifikatsnummer 29712

Zertifikatsnummer 28651

Zertifikatsnummer 27643