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Colourmanagement Consulting
There is often a need for advice on all aspects of color management, which we are not able to provide as part of our free telephone support. 
We are happy to advise and help with topics such as:
  • Which proof profile is best suited to my requirements?
  • how should I create and export my data in InDesign?
  • A print job has gone wrong and you need someone to support you competently in troubleshooting?
  • You have received a PDF file, but are not sure whether it is printable?
  • Unfortunately, a picture came out completely different in print than it did in Photoshop. Do you need support in finding the colour processing between Photoshop and the final print PDF in order to avoid errors caused by your software?
  •  You need someone to help you with complaints, to formulate a competent letter to the printer or your service provider?
22,50 EUR
Do you need media-neutral measured values of surfaces or colour samples in order to be able to reproduce them uniformly on different devices and in different printing processes?
We are happy to support you. We measure your colour samples with our i1 Pro2 built in 2018.
22,50 EUR
PDF/X und Colormanagement 2016
Cleverprinting Handbook 2016 - 278 pages of concentrated expertise!

The edition 2013 of the popular Cleverprinting manual was rather an update. Since then, however, a lot has been done and the 2016 version has been completely reworked, with many new topics, new ICC profiles, screenshots, examples and specials. The 2016 version offers a comprehensive overview of modern print data production - mandatory reading for all media professionals!
20,92 EUR
Video-Training PDF/X and Colormanagement 2017 - EDITION
EDITION - Video training on USB stick and Cleverprinting manual 2016
This video training is recommended for users who do not already have the Cleverprinting manual 2016. Although the training can be used without the book, in some places, where it is about far-hairs, resolution, raster, ICC-profile comparisons, etc., the video training refers to the book as the topics printed can be explained better , We therefore recommend to use the training together with the book.

For video training:
Now it is time to completely revise this video training, since the topics PDF / X and Colormanagement have not become easier since 2009 - in some areas even more complex. The PDF / X-4 is becoming more and more widely used, and the benefits of the PDF Print Engine can be used in many print shops. The new Acrobat Pro DC provides exciting features to it Provides new reinstatement tools in InDesign - in almost all areas of print data creation, it has undergone extensive changes. In addition, the often contradictory information on the web pages of print shops, misleading names and terms in InDesign, an Acrobat-Preflight, which is anything but user-friendly - the user will not be easy to create and test print PDFs.

PDF / X and Colormanagement 2017 - print data and Next Generation Publishing
Look over the shoulders of the Cleverprinting Head of Training Christian Piskulla. It shows you all settings for print data creation in the current program versions of Creative Suite and Creative Cloud. In total, the videos will give you 11 hours of pre-press know-how without specialist Chinese! The videos were created for users of the Creative Cloud, but are also very suitable for CS5 to CS6.

The video training shows you the print data creation in a modern way, according to the principles of the next generation publishing: media neutral intermediate color management, clever file creation and fast reinstatement, a live preflight, which already at the time of file build-up, to this simple pdf export settings for all usual printing process. After the PDF is created, the efficient data check in Acrobat Pro CD takes place, in which the output preview and its tools play an important role.

In 5 chapters with a total of over 70 films, you will learn how to create perfect print data with Colormanagement and PDF / X. From basics to PDF / X export to preflight, video training shows you everything you need to know about creating print data.

The video training is ideal for self-study, as an "update" for those who have already done a colormanagement and PDF-X-training with Cleverprinting in the past and, of course, also for the vocational school. Also as an "audiovisual reference book" it should be missing in any agency or prepress.
71,26 EUR
The Cleverprinting-EXPERIMENTS
That's how it looks!

Since the printing industry, there are also discussions about what is technically necessary, feasible and meaningful. What can you print, what not? Which image resolution is required at least? Which grid has its advantages and disadvantages? Which ICC profiles are "the best"? On 106 pages we will show you in a few, elaborately printed examples, which cause has what effect. The whole thing is rounded off with a paper sample book, in which we translate 10 different papers.
16,76 EUR
Cleverprinting Testform 2016
The Cleverprinting Testform 2016 offers three different shades of hair, a color segment arc, various technical elements that allow to judge the resolution and the raster, as well as neutral gray shades in the cooking heads and deep black in the shoes. The DIN A2 test form consists of two test forms in the format A3, one printed according to ISOcoated_v2, one printed after PSOcoated_v3.
4,20 EUR
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