PANTONE- and HKS-Proofing

These Spot-Color Systems are available in our proofing software:
  • Toyo
  • DIC

With the EPSON SureColor P9000V Spectro we have the most accurate color reproduction of the entire print market.1 According to Fogra, this proof printer is able to reproduce over 99% of all Pantone colors of the Pantone Matching System. Instead of 98% of all pantone colors, the new proof printer can represent 99.94% of all Pantone colors.

Andreas Kraushaar from Fogra showed:

  • Of measured 1729 color fields from ISOCoatedV2 and Pantone +
    1700 have a delta E 00 of less than ΔE1
  • 1728 have a delta E 00 of less than ΔE 2.5 (PSD level A)
  • 1729, ie all have a delta E 00 of less than ΔE 3.5 (PSD level B)
  • Conclusion: 99.94% coverage

Proof Hardware: The SureColor SC-P9000V is the printer with the most accurate color reproduction of the entire print market1

  • Epson TFP PrecisionCore printhead and pigment inks with orange, green and violet as additional colors
  • We print with 11 different pigment inks
  • UltraChrome HDX ink can produce a wide range of vivid colors as well as deep, rich black shades and dense shadow areas
  • The new Photo Black ink has an up to 1.5-fold higher pigment concentration compared to previous inks, which results in deeper black shades.
  • UltraChrome HDX inks designed for long durability. Especially in the yellow area, the weaknesses of the previous HDR inks were eliminated. 

ProofSoftware: In our ProofServer, special colors like Pantone and HKS are stored in a three-dimensional color space.

We do not use CMYK alternatives for Pantone or HKS, but we use precise 3D pictured color values ​​which are stored directly in the proof server and use the full color space of our 11-color proofing system. This allows us to reproduce HKS and Pantone jewelery colors very precisely.

Luminous HKS 43 K, fresh Pantone 801 C? Excellently simulated.

Of course, there are limits to neon colors and silver or gold. This can not currently be a proof printer. But our pantone and HKS proofs are often close to the original. And so many of our customers check whether a Pantone print is worthwhile in terms of color, or whether with CMYK colors a similar result can be achieved.

Pantone Coated or Uncoated, HKS K or N: A big difference.

We proof on four different certified proofing substrates. For ISOCoated V2 proofs, which simulate printing on coated papers, we use a Fogra certified 245gr / sqm Gravure Proof Paper, which is characterized by its high-quality haptics and is designed for the highest gamut.
For Uncoated proofs, which simulate the printing on uncoated paper, we use a matte 120gr / sqm of proof paper which, with its natural paper structure, also comes very close to uncoated paper in terms of appearance and handling.
For proofing the new proof-standards like PSOCoatedV3 / PSOUncoatedV3 or the 2013 GRACol and SWOP Standards we use Proofing substrate containing Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs) with 245 gr/sqm for coated and 170gr/sqm for uncoated paper.
In our Proofserver different colors are defined for Pantone C and U or HKS K and N.
So you can show your customers how their haptic and colourfulness looks like their 5-color brochure with CMYK and HKS 43 on natural paper or on photo-printing paper, because it not only holds different colors, but also visibly and tangibly different.

Important for you as a designer:
Please use the correct Pantone C ("Pantone 201 C") or HKS K ("HKS 43 K") color for coated print proofs or the Pantone U ("Pantone 201 U") or HKS N for uncoated paper proofing with PANTONE ("HKS 43 N") color field. This is the only way to achieve the best proofer result.

Proofing of HKS and Pantone halftones
In our Proofsoftware as of 2011, grid areas of HKS and PANTONE can now be displayed much better than before.
However, halftone or grayscale image that is colored in a PANTONE color may differ from the actual result.

What about PANTONE Plus and HKS 3000+?
Our Proofserver has also shaded colors for all modern HKS 3000+ and most PANTONE Plus colors from the current color compartments, and the new PANTONE Extended Gamut colors from 2016 can also be processed. Therefore, you can also send us proof data with the new HKS 3000 Plus and Pantone Plus colors.

For further information and numerous examples, see our english blog

1 The SC-P9000V covers over 99% of the Pantone range. This makes it the most accurate printer in the industry according to June 2015 compared to other large-format inkjet printers and prototers with 10 or less colors.

The PANTONE® brand is the property of Pantone LLC. Coverage of the PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated Palette of 99%, based on a print on Epson Proofing Paper White Semimatte, printed with an Epson printer driver at 2880 x 1440 dpi. The PANTONE cover may vary when using RIPs such as Fiery, etc.