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In addition to proofs, we offer numerous other services related to colour accuracy. We offer spectral measurements and, on this basis, produce high-precision colour samples including a test report. We determine optimised PANTONE colour conversions in CMYK in all colour standards as well as in-house standards. We measure and test your EAN barcodes according to the latest standards for readability according to 3b criteria for Aldi, Hofer or Lidl. And, of course, we are at your disposal as your contact for all questions concerning colour management and advise you on the colour-safe use of the Adobe Creative Cloud in print production. And we offer high quality Devicelink PDF colour conversions from nearly all printing standards to nearly all other printing standards. 

colour retouch and optimization
We correct and optimize your pictures in the following ways:
  • dynamic and contrast
  • light and shadows, perfect lightness and crisp detail even in dark areas
  • colour, saturation and hue
  • sharpness for print or display on the internet

This Colour Retouch is ideal, if you want to optimize digitally photographed pictures for print or you want to optimize older scans or photos. Our monitors are perfectly calibrated and we retouch your pictures under D50 Normlight. We offer a icc-profile conversion to your matching CMYK profile for Print or RGB profile for the internet use.
Additional Proof:
processing time:
Single Color Optimization:
Sliding scale prices:
1-9 units per 15,00 EUR
10-19 units per 10,00 EUR
20-49 units per 9,00 EUR
50-99 units per 8,00 EUR
ab 100 units per 7,00 EUR
15,00 EUR
Colourmanagement Consulting
There is often a need for advice on aspects of colour management, which we are not able to provide as part of our free telephone support. 
We are happy to advise and help with topics such as:
  • Which proof profile is best suited to my requirements?
  • How should I create and export my data in InDesign? 
  • A print job has gone wrong and you need someone to support you competently in troubleshooting.
  • You have received a PDF file, but are not sure whether it is printable?
  • Unfortunately, a picture turned out completely different in print than it looked in Photoshop. You need support in finding the colour processing between Photoshop and the final print PDF in order to find and avoid errors caused by your software?
  •  You need someone to help you with complaints, to formulate a competent letter to the printer or your service provider?
27,50 EUR
Measuring of colours with spectrophotometer
Do you need media-neutral measured values of surfaces or color samples in order to be able to reproduce them uniformly on different devices and in different printing processes?
We are happy to support you. We measure your color samples with different measuring devices depending on your requirements.
37,50 EUR
Individual proof profile creation with adapted paper white
On request, we create individual proof profiles based on a classic proof standard with a paper white adapted to your production paper. 
If you frequently print on a special edition paper that differs more from the standard paper white of a classic proof standard, it may be worthwhile to create an individual proof profile adapted to your paper white in order to achieve a better visual match between the proof and the edition print. 
60,00 EUR
Profile-Conversion of print files via DeviceLink Profile
We offer you DeviceLink conversions via DeviceLinks from ColorLogic from numerous RGB and CMYK standards to other CMYK standards from offset and gravure printing. After placing your order you can upload your data via our website and will receive the converted print data back the next working day at the latest.
Sliding scale prices:
1-3 units per 25,00 EUR
4-9 units per 22,00 EUR
10-19 units per 20,00 EUR
ab 20 units per 18,00 EUR
25,00 EUR
Spectraproof Softproofing Software
SpectraProof Version:
260,00 EUR
The Cleverprinting-EXPERIMENTS
That's how it looks!

Since the printing industry, there are also discussions about what is technically necessary, feasible and meaningful. What can you print, what not? Which image resolution is required at least? Which grid has its advantages and disadvantages? Which ICC profiles are "the best"? On 106 pages we will show you in a few, elaborately printed examples, which cause has what effect. The whole thing is rounded off with a paper sample book, in which we translate 10 different papers.
16,76 EUR
Cleverprinting Test Form 2020, v2 und v3 Combipack
If you are looking for test patterns for your printer, you have come to the right place. The Cleverprinting test forme with your test images has become the standard test forme in wide circles of the printing industry over the past years. Our test form is printed at many trade fairs and events. Manufacturers and customers appreciate the sophisticated motifs and test images.
14,80 EUR
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